Our team

"Our team consists of certified teachers and people with an educational background. All full of energy and with a lot of love for playing games and puzzling!"

Our Happy Clients!

"The educational games fit in well with the learning needs of our students. We use them for grade 3 till 7 for the ending of our IPC themes. I highly recommend Mini Houdini to other schools"​
Hans Niehot
Principal IKC het Drieluik, primary school Amsterdam (NL)
"My son and daughter are super enthusiastic. They remember the facts and talk about it in school. Finally valuable screentime for them and some me-time for myself!"
Juliette Doren
"The videos are super fun and the puzzles difficult. I prefer to play the game together with my friend. I hope that our school will decide to study with Mini Houdini too ."​
David Foxx
11 year old boy