Volcano, Guatemala
The Arctic light, Lapland
Salt flats, Bolivia
Niagara falls, Canada

Is your child standing by the window with big eyes when there is a thunderstorm? Or does he or she already know all the countries of Europe by heart? Introduce your child to Mini Houdini and let him or her get acquainted with the escape rooms of geography.

Around the world

Did you know that Antarctica has active volcanoes?
Around the world

Content escape room

The 7 continents on our planet

Cultural details like famous buildings and countries

Natural details like animal species and natural wonders

4 interesting facts about our 7 continents

Solar System

Did you know that the hottest planet is not the closest planet to the sun?

The Solar System

Content escape room

The 7 planets in our Solar System

The order of the planets 

Characteristics like temperature and size

4 interesting facts the Solar System

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