Kangaroo, Australia
Monkey hand, Bolivia
Clownfish, Australia
Bee in flower, Romania

Does your child spend hours rooting in the earth for bugs? Does your child like to play doctor and is interested in the human body? Let your child go on a journey with Mini Houdini on topics that deal with all living things in our nature.

Plastic Pollution

Did you know that in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans when we don’t act?
Plastic pollution

Content escape room

The pros and cons of the material plastic

Know what to do personally against plastic pollution

The meaning of the terms reduce, reuse and recycle

4 interesting facts about plastic pollution

Digestive system

Did you know that platypuses don’t have a stomach?

Digestive system

Content escape room

The organs of the digestive system

The order of the digestive system organs

The function of the digestive system organs

4 interesting facts about the digestive system

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